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Our law office has extensive litigation experience representing plaintiffs who are involved in crashes against the drivers and insurance companies of tractor trailers, delivery trucks, tanker trucks and other commercial vehicles which cause serious personal injuries or death. 

The Law Office of Michael A. Kernbach is located in Manassas, VA., and represent clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

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We also represent seriously injured individuals or family members who have suffered the death of a loved one in all types of motor vehicle crashes, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents and incidents involving commercial bus companies.
Our office also handles cases for individuals who have been seriously injured or family members who have lost a loved one in cases of serious falls, products which fail due to bad manufacturing or design, victims of criminal attacks, children who are victims of crimes and many other situations.  We represent many individuals in work place accidents who need help in obtaining their workers’ compensation benefits.

As a result of our focus on persons who are injured or killed due to the conduct of others, our firm recovers monetary compensation for damages of all types. Specifically, we recover damages from the most severe injuries including traumatic brain and head injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, wrongful death, to many other types of personal injury.

Who We Are: Michael A. Kernbach is a former police officer and detective with the Miami-Dade Police Department, previously known as the Dade County Public Safety Department.  He was a Staff Attorney at the United States Department of Justice and prosecutor at the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia. 

A trial attorney for past 28 years, he has represented all federal, state and local law enforcement officers and professional firefighters in serious personal injury, accident matters and/or death cases throughout the United States.  He has extensive experience in the representation of EMS and health care workers in matters of personal injuries, illnesses or violent attacks, as well as matters involving product failures such as faulty SCBA systems, training accidents, firearms accidents and failures of safety equipment systems.

Representative clients include the International Association of Firefighters; Virginia State Police; Virginia Professional Firefighters; Professional Firefighter Associations representing firefighters and EMS first responders in Virginia.  He has experience with all state, county, municipal and town law enforcement officers and federal law enforcement officers with the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Police and many other agencies.

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